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Askaneli Front


Fort Lauderdale is a city of American culture with a tender touch of European flavor. Here, on the bank of the channel, on the opposite side of the noisy Las olas, near the quiet European fountain, the premium restaurant Askaneli is located. It is a fancy place for happy & successful people. Askaneli is the unique union of the ancient Georgian traditions of food and wine and European quality standards. Cultures are dancing together here - the sophistication of Europe, the brightness and hospitality of Georgia and the freedom of the United States. Everyone will find something special here, even the menu is presented in two versions - both traditional international and authentic Georgian.

Every time You come to us, You will find something to pamper Yourself and make Your day more bright with taste - from a juicy steak or a tender grilled octopus, European or traditional Georgian cheeses prepared by our chefs and of course crispy khachapuri, an assortment of piping hot khinkali and the king of our abundance - assorted Georgian kebabs with living fire. The abundance of dishes will certainly be accompanied by wines of the Askaneli brand, which are presented in a wide range with us. 


Well, ready to move on to desserts - homemade Napoleon, chocolate cake melting in your mouth and of course - khinkali with strawberries, which every gourmet should try. Askaneli is a place where food and wine become a cultural ritual. The meal is complemented by a refined atmosphere and musical accompaniment. Our evenings are filled with music, in the calendar of events everyone will find something to their choice - a romantic guitar, world dance hits, jazz, blues and even karaoke. Whether it is a date, an offer, a business lunch or a business dinner, a family evening or a noisy party, banquets, weddings, or gatherings at the bar for chats together - You are welcome to us!

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